Investing in new air conditioning ticks many cost saving financial boxes and will continue to if a maintenance plan is put in place.

With warranties covering ‘parts only’ we have highlighted a few of the key benefits a maintenance plan will bring as you manage your equipment over time and maximise your investment.

Energy saving

Regular maintenance will avoid your air conditioning system becoming worn or damaged and keep it in the best condition and run efficiently. Faulty parts require more power so you can achieve the best reductions in energy if your unit is in good condition.

Longer life

Continuous preventative maintenance has been proven to extend and sometimes double the life of your unit. Un discovered damage can cause your air conditioning to stop completely. Replacing faulty parts and avoiding the build-up of dirt allows you to repair and not end up with larger problems and the need for new units and additional installation costs.

Better Air Quality

Fresh, clean air is a benefit of air conditioning. Dirt and clogged units will provide poor quality air can even lead to health issues.


A circuit malfunction or a fire from faulty parts can be avoided with regular maintenance. Managing your equipment reduces the risk of fires and damage to and around the unit.

Planned v Emergency maintenance

As the weather changes we know this is often the time you call for more from your system.  If if it has been some time since it was maintained issues can appear. Emergency maintenance is available but always more costly.

It has been proven many times over that clients find the energy savings achieved from new equipment more than covers a planned maintenance agreement.  This alongside the benefits shown above allow you to maintain your environment as you need to.

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